Exploring the influence of the business environment on University Spin-offs

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This master thesis is a quantitative study analysing the effects of local and sub-local clustering on USO's network development, regarding both the scientific network and the customer network. This study follows the structure of a scientific journal paper, in which the aim is to find the relationship between two types of clustering and the network development of USOs. The USOs that are studied in this study are all connected with Radboud University due to the founders' study/work background. The founders were asked to fill in a survey regarding the amount of contact they had with customers, suppliers, producers, and they were asked about how many connections they have with scientific institutions. These surveys have been done over a period of time, and the data from three surveys have been put together to create the dataset that is used in this study. In order to analyse the data, regression analyses have been used to study the relationship clustering and network development. The results showed that there is only statistical significance regarding the relationship between local clustering and the development of the customer network. There was no statistical evidence found for the relationship between sub-local clustering network development, and this study didn't find a combinatorial effect between local and sub-local clustering. Further research, with preferably a larger dataset and a more precise survey, must be used to further elaborate and study these concepts.
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