MUTUALISM THROUGH PUBLIC TRANSPORT INVESTMENTS? An Assessment of the Required Conditions for Alternative Financing Methods in Transit-Oriented Development in The Netherlands

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The Provincie Noord – Holland is developing railway corridors according to the principles of Transit – Oriented Development (TOD). There is, however, a discrepancy between the costs and benefits of TOD. This research explored the possibility to use the monetary benefits of the increased land- and property values due to public transport investments as an alternative way of covering the costs of public transport investments in the Corridor Amsterdam - Hoorn. The research did this through a literature review on alternative financing methods of regional public transport infrastructure; in-depth semi-structured interviews on the driving forces behind the willingness of Local Governments, real estate developers and transport companies to financially contribute to regional public transport infrastructure in TOD through alternative financing methods; and a simulation game on the required governance conditions for the implementation of alternative financing methods. It is concluded that alternative financing methods are limited within the legal- and administrative framework of The Netherlands, and that a clear division of task is needed in order to distinguish between the means, objectives and strategies of the involved stakeholders. This requires simple, yet innovative governance structures with a leading- and facilitating role for Central and / or Regional Governments based on mutual benefits between public- and private organisations. Keywords: Transit-Oriented Development, Land-Value Capture, Public-Private Partnerships, Alternative Financing Methods
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