Side-effects of the smart city

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The purpose of this study was to establish what the known side-effects are for the smart innovations in Eindhoven, Manchester and Stavanger, and to determine how the City Councils and technology companies involved/interested in the implementation of these smart innovations responded to these side-effects. To make any statements about the side-effects in each city, a qualitative inquiry has been carried out, for which three respondents in each city have been interviewed and several documents have been studied (varying from videos, evaluation reports, brochures and advisory reports). On the basis of this information, a table of the Smart Innovations in each city has been made up and side-effects to these have been noted. A major conclusion to this study was that there seems to be a unilateral view among the actors: there is a tendency to assume that there are no side-effects, that there are only positive side-effects, or that they are unquantifiable. This means side-effects were mostly ignored or avoided. Even though the representatives could name no concrete side-effects initially, some side-effects in Eindhoven and Stavanger could be derived from the interviews (usually referred to as issues, rather than side-effects).
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