Onto the corner office: using accommodation theory to get hired To what extent are high- and low-context cultures similarly sensitive to convergence on directness during a job interview?

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How come there are still more men in hierarchical high job positions than women? This research has attempted to provide an extra stepping stone for women to increase their chances of getting hired for a high position. It has done so by looking at the communication accommodation process in relation to the (in)direct communication style within a hiring context. Audio recordings of a job interview were created on which participants evaluated the job applicant on likeability, competence, personality characteristics, motivational level, and hireability. Moreover, The Netherlands and England were compared to investigate a potential difference in high- and low-context culture. An experiment executed through a survey showed that a female job interviewee was evaluated more positively when converging her communication style to the interviewer as opposed to maintaining her style. As for a difference in culture, Dutch participants evaluated the job applicant as more likeable when they converged their communication style to that of the interviewer than when they did not.
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