'The Last colony of Africa' : The Western Sahara-Morocco conflict analyzed through the language pragmatic approach

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‘The last colony of Africa’ is examining the Western Saharan Morocco conflict from the viewpoint of language pragmatic theory. With action theory as background the language pragmatic approach is used to take a closer look at the (inter)actions of the actors. In the context of this thesis they are partly located within the Western Sahara, like Polisario, the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic and the Sahrawi, as well as Morocco and the headquarter of the mission of the United Nations, and partly located outside the conflict territory, like Algeria and the United States of America. Within the Western Sahara is an ongoing unsecure geopolitical situation since 35 years. As soon as the Western Sahara gained freedom from Spain in 1975, they were directly occupied by Morocco (and (and Mauritania). Since then Morocco is occupying the territory and often regarded as ‘colonizer’. The Sahrawi still have not accepted the occupation of their neighboring country and the conflict continues. The outcome of this thesis takes a look at in how far theory and theoretical framework are applicable and tries to answer the question why the Western Saharan Moroccan conflict is still unresolved.
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