Anaerobic digestion's policy domain: the power of the future. An insight into the influence of multi-level governance on the policy domain of anaerobe digestion

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Incorrect waste disposal leads to contamination, enlarging the environmental issues. Therefore, waste disposal needs to be done in a sustainable matter for society to adapt to the environmental issue it causes. The anaerobic digestion (AD) technique is one of the sustainable techniques to dispose category 3 waste. Despite the success of this technology, and even though the Netherlands and Germany are similar waste societies, the latter is excelling in the use of the AD technology. This thesis researches what is driving this difference by looking into the policy domain concerning the technology. The study takes the impact of multi-level governance in consideration in order to identify organizational structures in society and linking those to the dynamics of the policy domain. Taking these aspects into consideration leads to answering the following question: “How does multi-level governance, in terms of the policy arrangement approach, influence the use of the AD technology by studying Germany and the Netherlands on a national and local level?” The conclusion explains that multi-level governance has a positive impact on the adaptation of the AD technology, which should be organized on both vertical and horizontal levels.
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