Male body positivity matters

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The topic of this bachelor thesis is male body positivity matters. The goal of this research is to focus on how plus size male influencers on Instagram, and plus size fashion brands on Instagram campaigns, promote body positivity. My research employs a variety of methodologies to solve the main research question of this bachelor thesis. I employ a formal analysis of visual elements as well as a semiotic analysis. I observe and analyze images of the male plus-size influencers Zach Miko, Kelvin Davis and Michael-Anthony Spearman on Instagram. First, I provide a brief description of the male influencers using general information such as: number of followers, founding date and number of posts. This information about the male influencers is essential because it outlines more clarity about these individuals, their purposes, their reach, and important values. In total, I analyze two posts for each influencer. Next, the focus is on how the body positivity movement is reflected in campaigns for menswear of the fashion brands ASOS, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren on Instagram. First, I provide general information about the three fashion brands itself using the website of the three fashion brands and their Instagram page. I present information about their current actions related to body positivity and plus size clothing. One image from each of the three firms' Instagram accounts is analyzed. It is required to use the same medium in both chapters to be able to perform an equivalent analysis. In this way, I can compare the influencers and fashion brands consistently since the pictures are posted on the same medium.
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