Evaluation of transportation planning in the city of Utrecht based on the principles of justice

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Mobility and transportation are an integral part of our lives, urban transport has faced lots of problems recently and it seems it is better to change the current trend to avoid further problems. The policies related to the transport field are strongly based on the market distributive principles and in modern society it is used as a tool for decision making in investment in urban transport infrastructure. Since the transportation planning decisions have direct equity effects, it seems it is necessary to analyze transportation justice, however, there is little guidance for this analysis. Many evaluations tools focus on a specific group of the population, and transport equity analysis is mostly temporary and they are based on the interest of stakeholders who are involved in the planning process. the main goal of my thesis is to find a clear framework to evaluate transportation policies and plans based on the principles of justice. In other words, the main goal is to examine whether Utrecht’s urban and transportation plans considered transport justice or not, in order to use it to improve the existing conditions and perhaps as a pilot for planning other cities in the country.
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