Why the Lion did not roar

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This research tries to answer why the Netherlands continued the bilateral Dutch- Russian Year of 2013 while different diplomatic conflicts arose. As eventually even diplomats proved to be unsafe, the Netherlands still send their king and queen to the Russian Federation to attend a concert. Why did the Netherlands not cancel these frivolous events given the diplomatic tensions between the countries? This is an interesting question because it is a conflicting image of Dutch foreign policy. Besides that it might give some insights into the priorities of Dutch foreign policy of the Dutch government at the time. This research will present the Dutch-Russian Year of 2013 as an example of cultural diplomacy, whereas the choice of the Dutch government to continue the bilateral year will be presented as a question of path-dependent behaviour. In order for this research to explain the mechanisms that caused the continuation of the bilateral year this research will apply the institutionalist approaches of rational choice institutionalism and sociological institutionalism. The research looks for evidence among official documents released by the Dutch government, news articles of different media and three conducted interviews. In the end the research will conclude that Russia is a huge economic player to the Netherlands and that the Netherlands was bound by norms and identity.
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