Professional identity and bottom-up change initiatives By young physicians in Dutch hospitals

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This study builds upon existing literature on social activism, bottom-up change, insider activism, and professional identity. By merging these research strands, this study aims to provide insight into the experiences of young physicians who participate in social activism through bottom-up change initiatives and explore the role of professional identity in this process. An inductive qualitative study that explores the experiences of young physicians involved in bottom-up change initiatives was performed. Through interviews and document analysis, the identity tension within the medical profession which is instigated by two different forces challenging the professional identity was studied. Opposing forces are on one hand to change the professional identity and on the other hand to endorse the current professional identity. These identity challenge together with the thorough socialisation involved in medical training leads to a split in identity of the young physicians. This split identity motivates them to engage in bottom-up change initiatives as a means of repairing this split identity. Successful implementation of these initiatives leads to occupational change and the development of a adapted professional identity. However, failure to enact change or the perception that change is unattainable can contribute to burnout and dropout among young physicians
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