How are news articles about climate change different in the American New York Times and in the Dutch Volkskrant during 1988-1997?

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This study makes a cross-cultural comparison between Dutch and American climate change coverage during the period 1988-1997. The purpose of the study was to explore whether news articles on climate change are different in the American New York Times and in the Dutch Volkskrant. Furthermore, it was investigated whether climate change coverage was influenced by different socio-cultural contexts. The results showed that the Volkskrant and the New York Times did not differ in the themes and political actors they used. Contrarily, a difference was found in the sources they used. The source ‘environmental group’ was more frequently mentioned in the Volkskrant than in the New York Times. Down’s ‘media-attention cycle’ was not clearly visible in the US. In the Netherlands an absence of this cycle was observed. The Netherlands and the US differ in Hofstede’s (1984) long-term orientation (LTO) dimension and masculinity dimension; these differences in both dimensions are also visible in climate change coverage comparing the New York Times with the Volkskrant. More cross-cultural research on climate change coverage is necessary in order to provide more insights in this area.
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