Following local touristic enterprises for backpackers in Yogyakarta from their start - analysis of the perception of local small-scale entrepreneurs of the start of and running a touristic enterprise specialised in backpackers

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Backpackers make other choices and the demands and services could be met with low quality products and with more local products in comparison to the demands of the mass tourism (Hampton, 1998). These demands are constantly changing. Local entrepreneurs see this as a business opportunity and therefore start enterprises specialised in this subsector. This thesis is about the perception of the local entrepreneurs of the start and running a local small-scale enterprise. In general, the perception of this process is a struggle and the expansion of that same business is a step-by-step process. This is because of the competition between companies and the fact that no-one advices you. The entrepreneurs are not supported by the formal networks. Networks which are seen as expensive and time-consuming. Resources positively influence the perception of starting a touristic enterprise. The step-by-step process of expansion is perceived in the fact that the entrepreneur needs to keep responding to the demands of the backpackers. They have to react to the constantly changing demands of the backpackers. Crucial in the process of starting a touristic enterprise in Yogyakarta is the presence of the social community. The informal networks can advise the entrepreneurs, inform them about the demands and can help to find elements of the business.
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