The resilient real estate market: Convenience Retail A study towards the characteristics and attractiveness of convenience retail

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Within this research, the convenience retail real estate market is studied in order to determine its specific characteristics. Convenience retail consists of the sale of daily goods, mainly food and other day-to-day groceries. This real estate market has the reputation of being resilient against economic fluctuations, also known as the business cycle phenomenon, and against compositional aspects of the shopping center is which they are located. The characteristics of this retail sector will determine whether an investor is attracted to invest in convenience retail or not. The first part of the research determines the relation between the Dutch economic situation over a certain period, which in this research is 2004 until 2016, and the annual performance of the convenience retail real estate market in the same period. The second part of the research determines if compositional aspects influence the amount of vacancy in the convenience shopping centers. The result of these two parts indicates that convenience retail is indeed more resilient towards economic fluctuations and compositional aspects compared to other types of retail. Therefore, it is an interest investment market.
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