Cultural difference and market development. A study of the Dutch and British online travel market

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Nowadays it is important to know what you customer wants in order to survive as a travel agent, and what the consumer wants nowadays is mostly convenience, online accessibility and little trouble booking their ideal holiday instantly. It goes without saying that potential cultural differences could prevent homogeneous marketing from being effective. Hofstede (1991) already wrote about the aspects of cultural differences, but the question is whether the results found in the research of the Hofstede Centre (2015) are applicable to every market environment. Theory on the development in the travel market points sometimes in a different direction and more research is needed. Research on a cross-cultural level is still lacking when it comes to the influence of culture on buying a holiday and knowing about potential differences allows (online) travel agents to make more effective marketing decisions. This thesis tries to contribute to the current research available on these differences for the online travel market. As the current generation Y (between 20 and 35 years of age) uses the internet for a large share of their purchases it is restricted to online travel agents in the UK and the Netherlands. To answer whether cultural differences among consumers create a difference in online travel markets in the UK and the Netherlands, a survey method was used.
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