Mobility as a Travel as a travel mode for business trips

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This research aims to contribute to the knowledge on the level of MaaS acceptance. In this case specifically, the focus is on the use of MaaS for business trips of Radboud University and Radboudumc employees. For this, the following research question was used: “What services are needed for Radboud University- and Radboudumc employees to be willing to use one central interface which carries out every aspect, such as planning, booking, and payment, of their domestic business trips?” This was studied through a literature review of the key concepts and semi-structured interviews with Radboud employees, as the use of semi-structured interviews would make it possible to grasp every aspect that is needed to create the willingness to use MaaS. The analysis led to the understanding that MaaS needs to be able to compete with other transport modes in terms of efficiency to be successful. For this to be possible, Radboud and the MaaS-platform need to create a fully integrated network of mobility options, both on campus and throughout the country. Besides, Radboud needs to create support for MaaS among employees, which can best be done through a joint communication strategy for both Radboud University and Radboudumc.
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