Integrating IT-systems into work processes; how does structure affects system use?

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Nowadays, healthcare institutions face many challenges in order to provide sufficient care. One of these challenges is to integrate IT-systems into their work practice in such a way that it supports and improves their services. In current literature, failure of IT-system implementation is often attributed to underutilization. In order to obtain the full benefits of an IT-system users should achieve a high level of use which is covered with the concept infusion. However, in current literature regarding infusion, the structural context is often ignored. This research focuses on the influence of structural characteristics on individual levels of infusion in a healthcare institution. Thereby contributing to the understanding of this understudied area of interest. The qualitative study comprises a case study with an embedded design. Data collection has taken place with use of semi-structured interviews. The findings show that structural characteristics do have influence on individual levels of infusion. Given these findings it can be stated that the concept infusion cannot be seen apart from the context where it finds oneself in.
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