The use of social capital in the launch of an entrepreneurial spin-off

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The concept of spin-offs has attracted much attention in recent years, however the focus has mainly been on corporate- and academic spin-offs. More recently the focus has shifted towards the somewhat underexposed entrepreneurial spin-offs. This thesis discusses the influence of inherited social capital on the launch of an entrepreneurial spin-off. Social capital has attracted a lot of attention over the recent years, however there was a lack of research specifically examining the relationship between social capital and entrepreneurial spin-offs. Seven theoretical propositions have been developed which argue that different dimensions of inherited social capital has a positive effect on entrepreneurial spin-off legitimacy and – team formation, with a moderating effect of parent organization reputation. Qualitative, semi-structured interviews have been conducted at three different entrepreneurial spin-offs in the consultancy sector in the Netherlands. After interviewing seven spin-off entrepreneurs, the results indicate that social capital has a positive influence on entrepreneurial spin-off legitimacy and – team formation and that parent reputation has a positive moderating effect through structural social capital on spin-off legitimacy and -team formation.
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