Balancing challenges and opportunities: assessing the role and needs of LGBT+ NGOs and grassroots in Poland and how they are sup-ported by international donors

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This research has focussed on the role of LGBT+ organisations (Non-governmental organisations and grassroots) in Poland. The policy of the governing party (PiS) has resulted in a decline of LGBT+ rights in Poland and underlines the importance of LGBT+ organisations, which protect and give voice to LGBT+ people in Poland. Although, NGOs in Poland are facing restrictions, such as the suspension of governmental funding. Still, organisations in Poland have been able to receive funding from international donors. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the role of LGBT+ NGOs and grassroots in Poland and the support they receive from international donors. The data collection consists of twenty-two interviews and two written responses from Polish LGBT+ organisations. The results show that the funds provided by international donors create opportunities, but also difficulties for LGBT+ organisations. Grassroots (informal organisations) are excluded from receiving funds and struggle to support the LGBT+ community. This results in the formalisation of more organisations. However, when formalised, LGBT+ organisations are faced with other difficulties, such as bureaucracy. Therefore, LGBT+ organisations are more often involved in survival issues instead of promoting LGBT+ rights. The resource distribution of international donors has deficiencies and could eventually produce problems, resulting in a weak and vulnerable ecosystem.
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