The Power of Music; The Effect of Music on Consumers’ Innovation Adoption Behaviour

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The objective of this study is twofold; to determine if there is a relationship between music familiarity and the innovation adoption behaviour of consumers, and if the elaboration likelihood of consumers has a moderating effect on that relationship. Familiar music with a twist was hypothesized to have a significant effect on the innovation adoption behaviour, as it can induce a mindset of conceptual expansion. A 4x1 between-subject experimental design was used to examine the effects. 264 Dutch people were randomly assigned to one out of four online questionnaires, in which they were exposed to a video of an innovation while familiar music, familiar music with a twist, unfamiliar music or no music was playing. The results show no significant effects of familiar music with a twist on the innovation adoption behaviour of consumers. Furthermore, no significant interaction effect of consumers’ elaboration likelihood on the relationship between music familiarity and innovation adoption behaviour was found. However, results do show that music likeability has a significant effect on the adoption of innovative products. This suggests that the effect of music on innovation adoption behaviour is much simpler than expected; when people like the music, they are more likely to adopt the innovation.
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