Networks, gender quotas and promotion chances for women

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This study examined how gender quotas influence how women on lower positions benefit from their networks. “Benefitting from their network” in this study means “using their network to get promoted”. In order to answer this question data were collected from BoardEx and several hypotheses were constructed. This study expected that women with more central positions were more likely to be promoted as well as that women with more high-status women in their networks had higher promotion chances. Furthermore, it was expected that after a gender quota had been passed, women with more central position and women with high-status women in their networks had higher chances of getting a promotion than before the implementation of a gender quota. The results showed that gender quotas indeed improved the chances for women with high-status links in their network, while the other expectations were not supported. Thus, this study finds that gender quotas positively affect the chances on promotion for women with high-status links and thus improve the way they can benefit from their networks.
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