Youth & urban public space: Covid-19' impact. A research on the impact of the measures as a result of Covid-19 on youth their use of urban public spaces in Apeldoorn

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The pandemic identified in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 virus imposed restrictions on the use of urban public spaces. These spaces have critical importance for youth, because they provide a place for social encounters which is important for youth their development process. The focus of this research is to gain knowledge about the impact that COVID-19 restrictions have on the use of urban public spaces by youth, with the city of Apeldoorn in the Netherlands serving as a case study. The main question of this research is: How do measures in response to COVID-19 impact youth their use of urban public spaces in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands? By observing young people in public space and doing desk research findings have showed that young people in Apeldoorn understand COVID-19 measures, but consider it important to come together with peers in public spaces. They mainly use urban public spaces for social encounters, mostly in parks and the shopping centre after school. The conclusion shows that COVID-19 can have an impact on youth their use of public spaces, especially through school restrictions and online classes, since young people mainly use the public space with classmates after school.
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