The Effectiveness of Diversity Networks How do members and non-members of diversity networks perceive the effectiveness of diversity networks?

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I investigated the perceptions of diversity network members and non-members about the effectiveness of those networks and on the networks’ capacity as effective diversity management instruments. Since limited research has investigated multiple perspectives on the effectiveness of diversity networks, I involved two perspectives. The results of the present research indicate that the perceptions influence the effectiveness of diversity networks. Diversity network members and non-members both perceived diversity networks to have beneficial effects on the individual and organisational levels. Furthermore, network members’ motives for joining a diversity network influenced their perception of the effectiveness of diversity networks. The motives of non-members for not joining the networks had no influence on their perception of diversity network effectiveness. The findings of this research reveal that network members and non-members perceive the formulation of network goals, the structuring of the network, and the execution of network events as important for the enhancement of diversity network effectiveness. In addition, diversity networks were perceived as supportive instruments for the development of members of marginalised groups and as effective in increasing awareness of diversity-related issues. However, to implement equality, diversity networks would need the support of other diversity management instruments.
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