“How do corporate gig workers in the online gig economy create legitimacy for their ventures?”

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This research delves into the burgeoning field of the online gig economy, exploring how corporate gig workers establish legitimacy for their ventures. With the gig economy characterized by a significant shift towards temporary, contract-based employment, this study seeks to understand the dynamics of creating legitimacy within this unique market context. The research employs a comparative analysis approach, contrasting individual and corporate gig worker profiles on the Freelancer.com platform, guided by the principles of inductive grounded theory. The primary focus is to assess the strategies employed to enhance professional credibility within the framework of legitimacy, simultaneously navigating the inherent challenges prevalent in the gig economy. Drawing from contemporary literature on legitimacy, this study evaluates key markers such as user reviews, certifications, and work experience to scrutinize the established legitimacy of gig work profiles. This study enriches the understanding of the gig economy, particularly the emergent trend of corporate entities in gig work and provides strategic guidance for both gig workers and platforms. The findings carry the potential to expand upon current legitimacy theories within the field of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, they can inform improvements in platform design to better support processes that build legitimacy. Such advancements could ultimately create a more supportive ecosystem for the growth and flourishing of the gig economy.
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