Chile's exemplary climate mitigation towards COP25. A study about climate mitigation in Chile and how they can be an example to the rest of the world towards and during COP25

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The earth is warming up and CO2 levels are higher than ever in human history. Environmental catastrophes will happen if nothing changes. Severe land degradation due to global warming already affects 168 countries worldwide. According to Ban Ki-Moon this is caused by human behaviour and therefore we must change to preserve our planet in a much more sustainable way. Many cities in the world experience severe air pollution. Almost all of the most polluted cities in Latin America are located in Chile and Chile also suffers of extreme droughts. Chile is one of the most vulnerable countries for climate change but also one of the countries with most potential to change this, due to its geographical situation. Chile has lots of useful resources and is suitable for almost all existing renewable energy sources. This thesis looks at how Chile can utilise this potential to become world leader in climate mitigation and be an example to others. Chile is organising the next climate summit (COP25), so this thesis also looks at Chile’s role at COP25 and arguments they can use in order to convince other nations to follow the path of climate mitigation Chile currently is on.
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