"The (Ab)use of Power An analysis of the emergence of a hybrid regime"

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The last decade several democracies throughout the world have been disrupted. On numerous occasions the incumbent leader has taken undemocratic measures, making the democracy shift from a democracy toward a hybrid regime. In this research, three key studies into regime changes and democratic disruptions have been examined to gain an understanding of the emergence of hybrid regimes. The shift toward a hybrid regime is a gradual process in which repression of citizensis increased over time, but where constitutional changes made to the democratic system define the shift. Several factors contribute to the possibility of a hybrid regime emerging. A weak democracy must be in place, which defines as is a democracy with a polarized society, high level of income inequality and an unstable constitution. The crucial factor making a democracy change in a hybrid regime is the presence of a populist leader. An incumbent populist leader can take undemocratic measures whilst still being supported by citizens, due to the use of populist discourse. Most significantly, even when the populist leader does not truly act on behalf of the citizens, he still manages to gauge their support.
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