Movement of escape. An analysis of the CARA of Mineo

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This thesis aims at analysing the agency of migrants residing in the second biggest reception centre in Europe, the now-closed, CARA of Mineo. The thesis uses a framework avoiding the classic understanding of the migrant as a victim deprived of real agency, while at the same time eschewing the claim that all migrants perform solidarity actions. Methodologically, I collected several interviews of migrants and other actors involved in the CARA in order to show the possibility of action and the capacity of subverting the power-relations allegedly confining migrants into the space of the camp. I analysed the movements escaping the center showing their directions and aims, supporting the analysis through detailed maps. This thesis tries to dismantle several prejudices against migrants’ actions, showing how illegal behaviours are merely the results of the confinement perpetrated by the asylum system. The abusive taxies and the phenomenon of caporalato are widely discussed. The thesis ends with an analysis of a ghetto in the biggest city nearby the centre (Catania), showing the concoction of space produced by the power-relations and the actions performed by the migrants themselves to circumvent their alienation from societal places.
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