Sub-National Good Governance and Development: A Comparative Study of African countries

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This study investigates the relationship between sub-national good governance and development in Botswana, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda using a panel data analysis of 21,522 households. Existing literature on this relationship remains sparse, therefore this paper aims to explore this relationship further. This study analyzes national and sub-national level data from the aforementioned countries, covering 75 regions for the years 2008, 2013, 2016, and 2019. Sub-national good governance is measured using the Afrobarometer and focuses on the dimensions of rule of law and voice and accountability. Development is measured using the sub-national Human Development Index from the Global Data Lab, as well as the Human Development Index from the United Nations Development Program. Using a fixed effect panel regression, this study establishes a mixed relationship between sub-national good governance and development. Sub-national rule of law and development have a positive relationship, whereas sub-national voice and accountability and development have a negative relationship. The novel implication brought forth by this study is that development policies can be influenced by paying attention to sub-national good governance perceptions, not only national ones. The relationship between sub-national good governance and development can be further explored by including other sub-national and national good governance dimensions.
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