Walking down the non-linear path to the circular economy

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Writing, and successfully finishing, this thesis is my greatest educational achievement until now. After finishing my bachelor degree in Integrated Safety and Security Management four years ago I was up for a new and bigger challenge, and a challenge it was. Switching from a practical mindset to a more conceptual one and then combining these two into a master thesis was a real challenge. It is said that “the greater the effort, the greater the sense of pride and accomplishment when finishing it.” I would lie when saying this thesis was not a great effort. Now, after four years of HBO, one-year premaster and two years for my Strategic Management Master, I am eager to start the next chapter of life while looking back on a wonderful study period in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Utrecht, Cape Town and finally, Nijmegen. I want to express special gratitude to dr. ir. Sjors Witjes, who was my supervisor during this challenging period, in which he supported me with a catching enthusiasm for this field of science. His enthusiasm combined with his experience (and critique) about the world of consultancy provides me with extra knowledge to start my professional career for which I would like to thank him. I can reassure him that his goal of spreading knowledge and awareness on the importance of sustainability and circularity amongst the next generation has certainly affected me, I will carry a ‘green mindset’ with me for the next steps in life. My gratitude also goes to dhr. Pim Zeldenrijk, for his support during the process and his understanding of the tension between a practical solution and conducting a thorough master thesis research. His calmness and support is something many people can learn from. A special thanks to Bram, he supported me with a sharp eye and constructive feedback during the last steps of this research.
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