Viewing Performance Management from a Dignity Perspective A qualititative, abductive research on the experiences of the Recognition & Reward Performance Evaluation Program from a Dignity Viewpoint

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Deterioration of Dutch academics' circumstances has spurred the need for change in the academic context. In response, new performance evaluation programs, like the Recognition and Reward (RR) program introduced by the Dutch organization for scientific research (NWO) in 2020, aim to address the challenges. This study examines the RR program through a dignity lens, gaining insights into the assumptions and experiences of key stakeholders. Employing a qualitative abductive research approach, in-depth interviews with nine key stakeholders involved with the RR program at the national, line-management and university level were conducted. Thematic analysis identified eight key themes. Findings reveal varying experiences and assumptions among stakeholders. Patterns emerged, particularly at the national and line-management level, where perspectives aligned. Especially regarding the concepts of leadership and democratic character, respondents at the university level shared consistent experiences within their group, but differed from the national and line-management levels in interpretation. This research pioneers viewing a performance management practice from a dignity perspective, emphasizing the importance of considering dignity in academic environments. The study's insights have implications for future policy, promoting dignity and positive experiences among stakeholders.
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