The Wellbeing of Hotel Guests During a Hotel Stay An Application of the SERVQUAL Model to Examine the Effect of Service Quality on the Wellbeing of Business-and Private guests.

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The purpose of this research is to examine the relationship of service quality and wellbeing of hotel guests. The SERVQUAL model of Parasuraman et al (1985) is applied to measure service quality. In addition, a domain-specific perspective is used to measure wellbeing in the hotel industry. Furthermore, this research includes a comparison of business- and private guests, as the two major guest segments in hotels. For hotel managers, the findings are relevant for organizing practices that contribute to the wellbeing of both business- and private guests. Having an interest in the wellbeing of hotel guests can have a positive impact on the image of the hotel. This is explained as the hotel is then not only known for its interest in managerial matters, but also for its interest in the society. A multiple regression analysis is performed to attain to the presented results. The respondents were required to have stayed in a hotel for at least once. Subsequently, they were asked to provide answers based on their last hotel stay. Depending on whether the last hotel stay was work-related, the respondents were labelled as a business- or private guest. The findings suggest that different dimensions of service quality predict the wellbeing of business- and private guests. Among the five dimensions of service quality, ‘responsiveness’ has emerged as the predictor of wellbeing for business guests. This implies, that hotel managers should focus on the extent to which they respond to business guests adequately and on time. For private guests, the best predictor of wellbeing is ‘tangibles’, followed by ‘assurance’ and ‘empathy’. Therefore, with private guests it is especially important that the tangibles look well maintained and service employees appear well. Besides, hotel managers have to make sure that the service employees are reliable and provide enough attention to private guests.
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