Reframing the reality of climate justice: An invitation to imagine otherwise

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Climate change and global warming are, quite literally, hot topics. Over the last few years it has become evident that the uneven consequences of climate change are the result of a dire reality in which the vulnerable areas of the Earth pay the price for the self-serving choices and destructive habits of those in power. At the same time, since the beginning of Western colonialism and imperialism, narratives and discourse on the vulnerable areas have contributed to the creation of an ‘exotic Other’. However, the academic debate has yet to thoroughly connect discourses of othering and alienation to the degradation of nature and climate injustices for the people inhabiting these areas. Besides, what is currently missing is an analysis of means and practical solutions to realize different narratives and promote climate justice within climate change discourse. To counter these shortcomings, this work places significant importance on the expertise of those engaging within the climate conversation. The results emphasize the experts’ imaginations of a discourse that promotes climate justice through actively expressing and allowing feelings, emotions, the local, diversity, social relations, culture, and experience into the debate.
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