Innovation project portfolio management, the growth accelerator for high-tech start-up organisations. A diagnostic study within Urban Mobility Systems

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Urban Mobility Systems is a high-technology start-up organisation with clean-tech as a core business and develops electrification solutions for all sorts of vehicles. Due to the enthusiasm of the CEO/CTO and the high demand for innovative electric solutions from customers, many innovation projects are accepted and implemented without an innovation project structure and project management. This study, therefore, aims to explore how innovation project portfolio management could be designed and implemented, through a diagnostic case study, within Urban Mobility Systems. Because of the emergence and associated restrictions of COVID-19 virus, this research has been carried out from home. As a result, data collection was hampered and only interviews and literature studies have been carried out. The results of this research showed that innovation project portfolio management is currently not present within Urban Mobility Systems. The innovation strategy of the organisation is not defined. There is little to no structure in the innovation project process and no criteria are used for contracting projects. Given the small size of the organisation, communication relies on informal contacts but is hampered due to the lack of documents and clearly defined roles such as a project manager role. To optimally design and implement innovation project portfolio management for high-tech start-up organisations like UMS, it is recommended to define the organizational strategy, set up innovation project selection criteria, create a project process structure with reliable documentation that contributes to the internal communication, and appoint a project manager role.
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