Living on a border: An investigation towards the identity of Turkish-Dutch higher educated youngsters and the influence of the current political events and the Dutch society on their identity

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In this master’s thesis the identity of Turkish-Dutch higher-educated youngsters and whether this was influenced by the current political events and by the Dutch society is investigated. Because a lot has happened within Turkey and between Turkey and the Netherlands in the past years. To get answers I have held in-depth interviews with five Turkish-Dutch higher-educated youngsters of 22 and 23 years old. The results of this master’s thesis showed that the Turkish-Dutch higher-educated youngsters I interviewed see themselves as both Dutch and Turkish. It depends on the context they are in whether they feel more Dutch or Turkish. After the political events in Turkey and between Turkey and the Netherlands they got a lot of questions about the political events, their loyalty and their identity and this influenced the way they see themselves. They said that how the society sees you, is how you are going to see yourself. They also had the idea they were not welcome anymore in the Netherlands. They have the feeling that because of their Turkish background they are constantly framed as the other.
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