The Influence of Organizational Ecology Factors on the Non-Survival of Organizations in the Paper and Pulp Industry

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This study researches the impact of organizational ecology factors on the non-survival of organizations in the paper and pulp industry in the Zaanstreek between 1605 -2024. The research goal is to add to the organizational ecology literature and the paper and pulp industry literature. Additionally, it provides information to the owners of organizations in the paper and pulp industry about their viability. The research is conducted through a quantitative analysis, utilizing the Proportional Hazard Model and the Log Rank test. The data used to conduct the analysis is collected from the website (Welkom Bij De Zaanse Papiergeschiedenis, n.d.) and the book ‘De Papiermolens in de provincie Noord Holland’ (Voorn, 1960). Overall, the density does not impact the survival rates and the hazard rates. The liability of smallness is absent. The older organizations have a lower mortality rate then younger organizations, leading to the presence of liability of newness. Lastly, there is no different mortality rate between the specialist and the generalists, rejecting the resource partitioning reasoning. Some restrictions of this study are the limited size of the dataset, unequal sample size or the presence of confounding variables.
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