Naturally Steering towards a landscape approach on cycling infrastructure

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This research explores elements that need to be considered when designing a cycling path according to the philosophy of naturally steering. Which means a cycling path that is designed with more than just the standard approach of speed and safety in mind. It tries to see landscape elements such as trees or vegetation less as a problem or guideline violation, but more as an opportunity to add variety. This has been done by interviewing experts in different disciplines about concepts that are related to naturally steering and collecting the opinions of cyclists on naturally steering cycling paths by doing a video survey. The research revealed that creating visually and aesthetically diverse routes that blend with the landscape can greatly enhance the cycling experience. However, actively manipulating the behavior of cyclists is not advisable as it detracts from the appeal of cycling. While narrowing the paths can influence behavior, it also negatively impacts perceived safety, which is crucial for an enjoyable experience. The study also recommends involving a variety of stakeholders. This ensures that the needs of vulnerable cyclists, landscapers, and nature conservers are considered and heard, rather than creating paths purely from a traffic planner approach.
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