Professional use of AI Image Generators A study about implications for practices of professionals using AI Image generators

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AI Image Generators have developed a great deal when looking at the quality and the number of users since 2022. This technology enables users to generate unthinkable images in a short amount of time. By adopting this technology, businesses could improve their processes. But what the implications of professional use will be, is hard to grasp. This research aims to obtain a better understanding of the influence of using AI Image Generators, used professionally by looking at the changes in practice, answering the following research question: What are the implications of professional use of AI Image Generators on current practices? To answer this question, qualitative research was conducted by interviewing professionals when it comes to creating and generating images. The interviews were semi-structured and used Photoelicitation as a technique to create an understanding of the perspectives of these professionals using Image Generators. This perspective was analysed and compared to practices without the use of this technology. The results show how elements like materials, meanings and competences of professional consumers of AI Image Generators can (re)form their practices. In addition to this, outside influence from stakeholders also influenced how these professionals can use this technology.
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