1 + 1 = 3. Creating successful collaborative networks

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How can organisations create successful collaborative networks, specifically for corporate sustainability goals? The aim of this research was to understand which factors and actions impact the chances of success when creating collaborations. The Industry Park Kleefse Waard was selected to focus the research on a specific geographical area. Eight collaborate networks located at- and surrounding the IPKW were picked as case studies: Battery Valley, MiscanCell and Akzo Nobel, the GreenDeal Natuurvezels, the IPKW ontwerpstudio’s, HyMove and Nedstack, Plastic Fantastic, CMC and SEECE. The probable conclusion of the research is that the chances of creating successful collaborations increase, when: • Certain initial conditions - like committed leadership - have been met, and; • Clear shared values and goals are formulated, translated into SMART goals and a clear task division is agreed upon; • There is a lack of barriers and/or these barriers are overcome, and; • There is a high level of organisational proximity (closeness), a good amount of geographical proximity and there is technological complementarity; • There is a strong core team, a signed agreement that everybody agrees on and there are regular meetings with the involved partners.
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