Women sensitive CIMIC in Afghanistan : Uruzgan and Bamyan compared on gender sensitive CIMIC

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As recent reports and research indicate, the participation of women in peace building and reconstruction is crucial for the success of the aforementioned efforts. However, is this also true in very conservative countries like Afghanistan? Or does it have the reverse effect because it could alienate the people and reinforces Taliban? Another question arose with regard to the role of military Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT’s). These teams are engaged in military reconstruction projects (Civil Military Cooperation abbreviated as CIMIC), like building schools, to serve the goals of the mission by winning the ‘hearts and minds’ of the local population. Some of these schools are built for the education of girls, since that is deemed important for development. Are the PRT’s, however, aware of the position of local women and girls and do they act on it? Would it be worthwhile to involve the local women in reconstruction projects to win those ‘hearts and minds’ or would it be better to leave the gender dimension alone? With all these issues in the back of my mind, the following research question arose; Does a women sensitive CIMIC approach contribute to the goals of ISAF and to what extend is women sensitive CIMIC executed by the Provincial Reconstruction Teams of New Zealand and the Netherlands in Afghanistan?
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