Taking back control Virtue ethics as an information basis on the implementation of a smoking-reducing chatbot.

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Smoking is known to have a negative impact on one’s health, but just like most other addictions, it is difficult to quit (Doll & Hill, 1950). For this, we have given a variety of design recommendations to implement a virtue-informed chatbot (VIC). The recommendations are based on Virtue Ethical and psychological research to ensure that the implementation is beneficial to its users. As complete cessation is often found difficult we have taken the approach of some intake reduction instead. For this, we have made use of the Virtue Temperance as this has to do with the moderation of pleasures. From this view we have also looked at ways we could then positively influence behaviour and try to combine these into design recommendations. These recommendations are based on both the research already done in this thesis, as well as existing aspects in existing technologies. The recommendations we give should help the future engineering of this VIC with general notes as well as specific examples.
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