The Radboud University and its identity A case study that sheds light on the question regarding which attributes have to be present when constructing a new identity for the Radboud University, according to its students

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Over the last decades, a lot of research has been done into the identity of an organization. Scholars from all kinds of fields have tried to explain, control, or exploit the concept of identity from different perspectives. Despite this attention, it is still proven to be hard to come up with a general set of features for measuring organizational identity. Especially within the field of desired organizational identity in specific, there is a clear lack of efficient methods that accurately map out the desired organizational identity through the eyes of its members. This study makes a first attempt to study the desired organizational identity based on a mixed method approach. It does by first refreshing a relatively old identity theory, the personality profile, with the help of multiple expert interviews. Based on these findings, a survey was created and distributed among students at the Nijmegen School of Management. This survey enabled the researcher to efficiently measure the desired identity of an organization through the eyes of its members, and to answer the following research question: What should the desired organizational identity of the Radboud University look like based on the personality profile created by students?
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