Charitable Giving Between Language Groups: An analysis on the differences in charitable giving behavior between the German and Romance language groups in Switzerland

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Charities play an important role in the distribution of resources, but they often struggle to acquire sufficient revenue. The many factors that influence charitable giving make it a complex subject but one aspect many papers have found to be important is culture. This research adds to that by using a large dataset provided by an international humanitarian organization to compare charitable giving between language groups. By comparing three measures of charitable giving between the German and Romance language groups in Switzerland it is shown that there are significant differences between the two groups. German speakers give significantly more and more often across all regressions, underlining the importance of culture even in a situation where institutions are the same. The difference between these groups is smaller in the municipalities closest to the Swiss language border, which suggests that the effect of culture becomes less prominent when demographics are similar. Furthermore, some evidence is presented to suggest that the language region in which the constituent lives is important as well. Finally, this research finds significant differences between French and Italian constituents, despite them being a part of the same language group, with Italian speakers giving significantly less than their French counterparts.
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