How can accessibility tackle environmental justice issues? The case study of Barcelona

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During the recent years, climate change has become an ongoing topic considered in many of people’s daily lives. Many techniques have been developed in order to assess and mitigate these negative effects that are impacting in our environment. This thesis has its focus on green infrastructure, and how its planning might have some side effects among social inequalities through the level of accessibility this green spaces have. Local reports and green planning strategies have brought the benefits of green and care of public space to the list of important topics that needs to be assessed. Important elements regarding open ald healthy spaces are being considered into municipalities greening agendas, stating different priorities to consider in order to offer the best public green spaces to its citizens. The conducted research has been based in the Spanish city of Barcelona allowing to open a door to understanding the ongoing situation of green planning when it comes to social and environmental benefits. This research has gone as deep as it could into the perspective on how is green planning done in Barcelona through the lenses of different experts, and how planners have considered the possible social inequalities that can emerge.
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