CEO Narcissism in times of high uncertainty: A research into the effects of CEO narcissism on CEO acquisition frequency during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Large organizations often deal with complex projects that have a whole process around them. One of the sectors affected by this is the public sector. In this sector, the projects are implemented with public money from The Hague, to which you, as a Dutch taxpayer, contribute. The way these projects are implemented is through a contracting out strategy whereby the public organization manages the project, and the external market party carries out the physical work. Given de nature of the projects and the indirect involvement of the taxpaying citizens, there are high stakes involved. Therefore, it is important that these complex and often large projects are successfully implemented. But what factors are needed for a project to make it a success? The literature identifies several critical success factors for this. This study provides insight into how these critical success factors fare within a specific case study, namely the organization of Rijkswaterstaat. The research shows which factors from the literature are present and which are absent, but also which factors not mentioned in the literature play an important role and how to deal with factors that are absent. To investigate the situation within this case study organization, triangulation was applied consisting of different sources of data. Twenty-one semi-structured interviews were conducted, and the results are compared with how respondents reacted to those via a focus group, the several participatory observations that were carried out and various documents that were analyzed.
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