Job Crafting in an Active Work Environment

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When employees in active jobs engage in job crafting, they can redesign their jobs in a way that it could ensure job satisfaction, work engagement, resilience and thriving at work. While some researchers argue that job crafting in active jobs can be supported by work pressure and autonomy, other researchers argue that job crafting in active jobs is limited by the same characteristics. This thesis provides a more elaborated view on job crafting in active jobs by using a deeper understanding of active jobs called the active work environment including work pressure, autonomy and a social climate. In this thesis, the role of the active work environment in job crafting processes was examined using an inductive research approach and by conducting 10 interviews with consultants. The results of this study show how the active work environment can either support or limit job crafting processes by providing detailed insights in the underlying dimensions of work pressure, autonomy and social climate and their relations with several job crafting processes. In addition, during data analysis it became clear that the social climate and personal characteristics of employees can moderate the relation between the active work environment and job crafting processes in several ways.
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