A Lioness is Also a Lion. A case study of the politïcal participation Title MasterThesis of Kurdish women in the Netherlands

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Kurdish women in the Netherlands are part of a minority group that has a low level of political participation. This research has explored how a number of factors influence political participation of Kurdish women in Dutch politics. The methodology of case-study research was used. Data was gathered by conduction semi-structured interviews and participant observation. This research found that displacement can have an empowering as well as marginalizing effect on women. The experience of displacement positively contributed to political participation of some women, by making them aware of injustice and motivating them to make a change through politics. For other women, traumatic experiences in Turkey have led to disillusionment with politics, preventing them from participating in Dutch politics. The development of an ideology that promotes equality ideals in Kurdish political parties in Turkey, gave Kurdish women the opportunity to become politically active. While tradition and religion have been labelled as an obstacle to participation of migrant women in Dutch society in public debate, this study found that this factor had little effect on the political participation of Kurdish women in Dutch politics. A similar conclusion can be drawn for the effect of discrimination and prejudices towards migrant women in the Netherlands.
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