The unprecedented European project

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In the whole of Europe we see Eurosceptic political parties aim for getting a bigger vote share, these type of parties hijack the local, national and international media with their negative ideas about the added value of the existence of the “ever closing union”. On the other hand we see that political parties that tend to be more pro-European also get a bigger vote share in both European and national elections. This thesis will figure out if the European political party system needs a new type of political parties, namely the pan-European party. By explaining how trust, pan-Europeanism and the order of elections are linked to each other I tried to answer the question whether pan-European parties can increase political trust in the European Union. The first part of the thesis will show us that there exists a lot of ambiguity about the concepts of trust and pan-European political parties, it still seems to be a possibility of combining the concepts together to generate more political trust. Even though this effect seems to exist on a theoretical level, the data and the analysis have shown that the added effect of the existence of pan-European political parties is not significant. This thesis will thus also find out what would then cause the higher levels of trust in democracy, worthiness of voting and the relevance of European elections.
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