Influencer advertisements and their effects on product desirability between collectivistic and individualistic consumers.

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Hofstede’s Individualism/Collectivism cultural dimension is a widely known and used research topic. Another growing research aspect is Influencer Marketing. Both aspects have quite often been the subject in studies about their effects on consumer behaviour. Yet little research has been done on the interaction between the two variables on purchase behaviour. In present study an experiment was conducted to investigate whether there are any differences between individualistic and collectivistic consumers in how influencers affect these consumers’ product desirability. The cultural dimension of individualism/collectivism was manipulated by priming participants into one of the two dimensions. Instagram accounts were manipulated by varying the number of followers and the number of likes they received on a post. The influencer or regular Instagram user posted a branded advertisement in which they were advertising a mobile phone. Results showed no significant differences in the effect of influencers on product desirability between individualistic and collectivistic cultures. One main finding was that priming the consumers into a cultural dimension did not work effectively. More research on this topic is needed to investigate the effects of influencers on different cultural dimensions.
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