Eunfinished, waiting for Godor, reflections on "l'avenir" of Europe and the Western Balkans

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The future of the European Union is one of uncertainty as its present dwells in a deep political and socio-economic crisis. This study serves as a gate to the understanding of the crisis of vision the EU is facing, offering a historical and geopolitical analysis, while claiming that Europe needs to be re-envisioned reflecting cosmopolitan democratic values with the Western Balkans in it. It asks the question of how is the EU perceived from people in the Western Balkans and what different idea of Europe do they offer as a mediating result. Semi-structured interviews, formal and informal conversations, panel discussions, song lyrics, literary text analysis from first and secondary sources are used in order to answer the question and understand the EU-logies of the local people, specifically in Bosnia and Herzegovina as they live to struggle with post ethnic war trauma and economic stagnation. The results suggest that the voice of the subaltern which is seldom heard is the most poignant yet powerful and revealing one: Europe needs to confront the haunting ghosts of its past and take action to prevent its present collapse, being self-aware and critical. It needs to establish a home and not just build a house. This means that the people need to stop waiting before the law in perpetuity and start making the European Europe happen.
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