A spark of hope. The opinions of Palestine youth on their state and its future

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While much has been written about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the voices of Palestinian youths have not been presented as often. This research aims to shed a light on the opinions of Palestinian youths on their state and its future. Thus, the research question reads as follows: According to Palestine youth, how can political legitimacy contribute to the process of statebuilding in Palestine. Through semi-structured interviews with multiple Palestinian youths, this research question has been answered. According to Palestine youth, new elections are desperately needed in order to breath some fresh air into Palestinian politics, especially focussed on transparency and communication between the government and its citizens. The Palestinian youths are optimistic about the prospect of new elections, yet they still acknowledge that the ongoing occupation of Palestine will hamper any form of statebuilding. In conclusion, as long as the occupation of Palestine continues not much will change on a nation level. Nevertheless, on a local level many improvements can be made by a new government, especially on crucial aspects such as transparency and communication.
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