Social change and scholarships: the case of the long-term impacts of the MSP on the society of origin of the student

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This thesis focuses on the assessment on a long-term perspective of the impacts of the professionals awarded with a MENA scholarship programme, majorly focusing on the social networks in which the student will reintegrate after the moment of the return to the home country. I challenge the comprehension of social change, of whom I scrutinise the minimum elements: the social networks, which I study by applying the Social network Approach. The social change is not only studied under the perspective of personal and professional development but expanded into a broader net of social connections that students may have created with other actors or institutions. Concentrating on the social networks enables an expansion of research from the simple academic training and linkages to the agency of national institution -both of the country of origin of the student and the Dutch public representatives-, local institutions, and, in greater detail, in the personal ties such as friendship and family. These elements will not be static and separated but explained and analysed in their social relationship and interplay, which can then create further links with new actors, solidify existing relationships or undo some ties in favour of fruitful ones.
Faculteit der Managementwetenschappen